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Preventing Heat Stress


The months from April to June are usually hot and dry in Singapore. The highest temperature can measure up to 35 degree Celsius. 

Working in such hot and humid weather can put workers at an increased risk of heat stress, a condition characterised by the body’s
decreased ability to remove extra heat accumulated in the body.

Some preventive measures to minimise the risk of heat stress:
@ Ensuring workers are acclimatised to hot weather before deploying them for work
@ Scheduling heavy physical work to cooler parts of the day ( early morning or late afternoon )
@ Providing cool drinking water
@ Encouraging worker to drink sufficient water regularly
@ Providing breaks away from the heat in cool areas
@ Educate workers on risk and symptoms of heat related disorder

Reference : WSH Bulletin
For more information refer to WSH guidelines at the following website :

Requirements to form WSH committee


FAQ: Does all companies need to form a WSH committee?
Ans : WSH committee is only needed when the headcount is greater then 50

WSH – Working at Heights Regulations 2013


The Workplace Safety & Health (Work at Heights) Regulations 2013 will come into operation on 1 May 2013.

Key provisions in the Regulations include:

(a) Fall Prevention Plan (FPP) – effective 1st May 2014
(b) Permit-to-work System (PTW) – effective on 1 May 2014
(c) Training of workers, supervisors and other WAH personnel  – Training requirements
are emphasised to effective conduct of work performed at heights
(d) Work on Roof and Fragile surface – Specific provisions of persons working there to
be more vigilant;
(e) Industrial Rope Access System – Due to its high-risk nature, a specific part has
been included to address this area of concern.

The scope of coverage of the proposed Regulations will be in two phases:

1 May 2013: Comes into force and applicable only to factories.
1 May 2014: Coverage will be expanded to all workplaces.

More details at